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Illinois, Divorce and Family Law Lawyer

Families often bring life's greatest joys and often also form the emotional basis for the rest of what life offers. When family arrangements no longer work, it is important that effective solutions are found and that the lawyer providing your legal services has the experience, efficiency and sensitivity needed in such challenging times.

The Law Offices of Andrew L. Horberg, P.C., has provided effective divorce and family law services for over 30 years. We know the emotions to which divorce can give rise. Our role is to listen to your concerns and to pursue your legal matter quickly and smoothly, consistent with what will work best for you.

Competent and experienced legal services are necessary in any divorce and family law matter. Common legal issues in divorce and family law are:

We offer aggressive legal representation, and we will fight for your full rights:

  • If your spouse is disputing your claim to property, we will negotiate or litigate for your property ownership rights.
  • If your case involves child or spousal support, we can fight for rights, both at the time of divorce and later, as needs and financial circumstances change. If your spouse is dangerous, we will file an order of protection and we will defend one unjustly brought.
  • If your paternity rights are questioned or threatened, we offer full parental and fathers' rights legal representation. We will aggressively fight for your parenting rights and for fair and just support orders.

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We offer evening appointments and free initial consultations, and we accept credit cards. Our downtown office is located across the street from City Hall and the Daley Center, and our Lansing office is 30 minutes from the Will County Courthouse and 15 minutes from the Cook County Sixth Municipal District Courthouse in Markham, Illinois. Contact us at 312-429-6920 or 708-576-1379 to discuss your divorce and family law service questions.