Establishing Legal Guardianship For Disabled Adults And Minor Children

When a family member or loved one is unable to care for his or herself, you can arrange for the appointment of a guardian or conservator to ensure that the family member's needs are met.

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Plan For The Protection Of Your Loved Ones

Legal guardianships are commonly appointed for minor children with no surviving parents, or for elderly or disabled adults who are unable to provide sufficient self-care. If a will, trust or power of attorney does not name a guardian, a court will appoint someone of its choosing. To avoid the guardianship of your loved ones being decided by a stranger, be proactive and plan for their protection ahead of time.

It's a good idea for people to think about the issues involved in selecting a legal guardian before the need for one arises. Legal guardians are responsible for making decisions regarding the needs of the child or adult, including shelter, education and medical care. The guardian may also provide financial management.

Settling on a guardian is not always simple, especially if there is someone who is qualified in one respect, but not in another. In these cases, guardianships can be appointed to more than one person, separated into guardianship of person and guardianship of estate. Whoever is appointed guardian of the person makes decisions concerning the minor child's or disabled adult's physical well-being, while the guardian of the estate manages property, money and investments.

To begin planning for your loved ones, contact experienced estate planning and guardianship lawyer Andrew Horberg. He will explain your legal options to you and assist you in choosing a best course of action.

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