Chicago General Commercial and Civil Litigation Lawyer

In Chicago and its south suburbs, with their millions of residents and tens of thousands of small- and medium-size businesses, there are frequent and varying business disputes. Business disputes can involve issues of breach of contract, debt collection, ownership, property, dissolution, and many other matters. However, the result is invariably the same - stress, distraction and the possibility of significant expense.

At the Law Offices of Andrew L. Horberg, P.C., we understand the problems that commercial litigation and dispute bring as you manage your business and compete in the marketplace. We offer cost-effective and competent legal services aimed at resolving your legal matter, leaving you to tend to your business with your bottom line intact.

Attorney Andrew Horberg has worked in commercial litigation for over 30 years, and he provides full and comprehensive business law legal services. Business and commercial disputes commonly involve:

  • Breach of contracts, purchase agreements
  • Collections
  • Landlord/tenant disputes and evictions
  • Construction defect
  • Real estate disputes
  • Deed, mechanics' lien, contract and title disputes
  • Fraud and intentional misrepresentation

If your property is involved in a dispute regarding a quiet title action, real or phony lien, a forged deed, or other real estate dispute or transaction, or if your property rights are in dispute, we can work to protect your rights. If you have questions regarding a business partnership, need to evict a tenant, cannot collect on a debt, or are dealing with a breached purchase agreement, construction contract, buy/sell agreement or other contract, we can help protect your rights and obtain justice and payment.

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Call us with your commercial litigation and general civil legal needs. Our fee structure is modest in acknowledgement of the hardship that litigation brings to small- and medium-size businesses. We also offer evening appointments and free initial consultations, and we accept credit cards.

Our downtown office is located across the street from City Hall and the Daley Center, and our Lansing office is 30 minutes from the Will County Courthouse and 15 minutes from the Cook County Sixth Municipal District Courthouse in Markham, Illinois. Contact us at 312-429-6920 or 708-576-1379 to discuss your divorce and family law questions.