Protecting Personal Injury Claimants' Rights To Maximum Recovery

With mounting medical bills, lost income due to absence from work, severe stress and physical pain, taking on litigation without professional legal support can add frustration and exhaustion to injury. A wise first step in the direction of recovery is to find a lawyer who can advise you and advocate outside of court and at trial for your best interests.

Over 30 years Of Experience

Personal injury lawyer Andrew L. Horberg has helped hundreds of people recover damages and compensation for their injuries. With over 30 years of legal experience in Chicago and the south suburbs, he has honed the skills and legal agility needed to lead your case to maximum recovery.

Common causes of injury that warrant legal action are:

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Providing Effective, Efficient And Affordable Service

There are three important factors involved in personal injury cases: intention, time and cost. Hiring a trial lawyer who has experience with local courts and negotiating settlements shows the liable party that you are prepared to fight. When going to trial is your intention, you are effectively positioned for a fuller recovery.

Time is important. The statute of limitations in Illinois allows the injured party two years to file. With few exceptions, the statute is set in motion at the date of injury, which means that you have to balance personal care with legal action. Attorney Andrew L. Horberg can mindfully guide you through the legal process with efficiency, making sure that no decisions are rushed and that no time is wasted.

Finally, there is the cost. Finding affordable legal representation allows you to prioritize necessary care. At the Law Offices of Andrew L. Horberg, P.C., claims are processed on a contingency basis, which means that you are not charged any legal fees until after your lawyer has successfully recovered due compensation for your injuries.

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