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Handling Real Estate Transaction And Litigation For 37 Years

Last updated on March 17, 2023

Real estate is a complicated business, heavily regulated and for many people, it can be difficult for them to purchase a property without the help of a qualified real estate attorney. Although Illinois does not require that attorneys be involved in real estate transactions and closings, the risks of going without an attorney are far too great to ignore. By working with an experienced real estate closings lawyer, you can be certain that your transaction will be carefully scrutinized and all aspects of it are in compliance with the law.

At the Law Offices of Andrew L. Horberg, P.C., in Tinley Park, I have been working with clients for their real estate transaction and litigation needs for more than 37 years. Many people come to me for help in purchasing their home, as the majority of my closings involve residential property. In addition to that, I also do some commercial real estate transactions, primarily focused on helping local businesses looking to sink roots and invest into their community. Additionally, I serve many clients involved in real estate litigation, particularly landowners with rental disputes.

I Enjoy Helping People Find Their New Home Or Investment Property

One of the pleasures I enjoy in my career is helping families on their journey to purchasing their first home. Inexperienced home buyers can rely on me to help them navigate the process of buying their new home, preparing their documentation and ensuring that the closing goes smoothly. With my assistance, first time home buyers can rely on my nearly four decades of experience and knowledge of Illinois and local laws to give them a smoother experience.

While I focus more on residential transactions, I do also provide representation to some businesses that are looking to expand into a new location. I have the skills and experience to help new businesses grow and expand by settling down in a local town, allowing them to invest into their community by providing jobs and services for their neighbors.

Resolving Real Estate Litigation Through Efficient And Expedient Representation

Many clients come to me for help representing them in their real estate lawsuit. Sometimes a transaction goes wrong, and one party will refuse to honor their obligations or the property is not as it was supposed to be and a lawsuit is the only way to resolve this dispute. I can present your case on your behalf and I will work hard to accomplish your goals. I also provide representation to landlords and landowners who are in need of assistance with a dispute with a renter or tenant. I can help corporate landlords as well who are in need of representation in landlord/tenant court, and can handle eviction cases throughout Will, Lee, DuPage or Kankakee counties.

Come And See How I Can Help You

If you are interested in purchasing a property, you owe it to yourself to be diligent in your search for both your property and in selecting a real estate attorney to help you close on the property. I can help you with this process, or if you are facing real estate litigation. You can call my office today to get help with your situation by dialing 312-377-1584 or you can email me here with a short description of your case.